Batch Review

We're always trying to think of things to make life interesting for you (and for us...LOL), so we've come up with a little thing we're calling our Batch Review Program. It's a bit like describing wines from vintage to vintage, or other distilled spirits from batch to batch. We don't meant to sound uppity, we just thought we'd try something new!

Our mantra is "consistency, consistency, consistency". We manufacture our products via a strict process of ingredient sourcing and selection; weighing; blending; and packaging so you can be absolutely confident your Red Head encounter is the same amazing experience time after time after time! Although we are growing and are able to source our spices in fairly large quantities, we do not receive deliveries in spice-laden train cars, or caravans of 18-wheelers. Not YET, anyhow (wink), but we are working on it!


In any event, we are able to keep an unusually close eye on the spices selected and detect any nuances from batch to batch which may add a bit of character here and there. For instance: Even though obtained from the same source, paprika can takes on a deep orange color, while other times it's a bright red. Or perhaps the grind of a particular batch of black pepper is a bit coarser or finer; again, from the same source. These are just quick examples, but you get the idea. So, until those trains and trucks start rolling in, let's have a little fun!!

We'll be posting batch reviews on our Facebook Page as they roll off of the production line and into Quality Control (QC)...You know, the fancy term for taste-testing. We'll also keep you posted on availability!


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