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Who are we?

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Blue Wren Spice & Condiment, LLC is a young but growing manufacturer, wholesaler and online retailer of grilling rubs, with exciting plans for spice mixes, sauces, condiments and more! Blue Wren was founded by R. David Jones as result of a life-long passion for culinary experimentation. Always loved to cook, but had a particular knack for "spice alchemy" and an ongoing desire to test, taste, tweak and repeat in the kitchen, over flame or shrouded in smoke. sometimes results are interesting or unique, and occasionally of back-to-the-drawing-board quality, but with a bit of imagination, experimentation and mad-scientisting (and sometimes luck) the most AMAZING and DELICIOUS things appear. This is what Blue Wren wants to pass on: a desire to experiment, to grow and to take your palate to places it could never go in "point-a-to-b" fashion. So the journey is at least as important as the destination in most cases! Don't forget to bring family and friends along. The more the merrier! In any event, you'll need test subjects for all the thumbs up, right???


Now that you know what we are, here's who we are: I'm David Jones and that's me in the picture there. The lady on the left would be the far better half of the equation, kim. She puts up with a lot and for that I am eternally grateful!

Our website,, is currently under construction. When online, it will provide information on all of the upcoming product and product line plans we have in store. It certainly is a pleasure to meet you. Please check in often! Our test kitchen is hard at work on additional products to make your indoor and outdoor culinary experiences truly memorable!



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