In the Works

OK... the Cajun Rub & Seasoning rollout is complete. Slightly off-schedule due to label logistics beyond our control, but now a done deal! We've got several things in the works as this is being typed, two of them involve seafood! We are also working on a jerk seasoning blend and if popular demand is strong enough, we'll plan for production. Swirl of activity at the moment, but we'll continue to keep you posted!!

We are currently developing & testing a variety of rubs and spice blends dedicated to regional influences as well as specific food types (seafood, chicken, etc.) As the Blue Wren and Red Heads brand gathers steam, the plan is to enter the sauce and condiment markets as well. So, as new products are about to hit the market, you'll find out about them right here. We're new, but we are growing rather quickly. In time, we want to offer you a wide variety of quality products to bring out the mad-food-scientist in you!

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